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New release

Version 3.4 (Final, Final! Terra release)


Not stopped

It’s not stopped, I changed my mind! There will be one more release. Version 3.3 has this annoying UCI problem that I have fixed now During that process I had to make some changes. Maybe it’s a little bit stronger now, who knows… Smile

The 3.4 version will be released soon. In the coming weekend if I get the time. The final version? I think so!



Terra development is now stopped but Welcome to visit my new Alaric site ....


New release

Version 3.3 (Final Terra release) No, not final


The new UCI

There is a new version of UCI around. For instance in Arena 1.08 later versions. This new format causes troubles for Terra. The new invented UCI command newucigame makes all older Terra versions with UCI support to crash. The v3.3 beta11 seems to work fairly ok but there are a few problems reported. The only safe way is to use a GUI with WinBoard protocol or the older version of UCI, for instance in Arena 1.07 or earlier.

Coming Terra versions will handle this correct (cross my fingers!)


v3.3 beta11

Numerous new extensions and prunings.

A much more speculative style (not necessarily in tactics) seems to make Terra get better results versus stronger players but also worse results against weaker players whith sometimes real stupid plans.

A few bugs corrected.

See the readme file for more information.

Download it here


New release

Version 3.2 (= Version 3.1 with 2 bugs fixed)


New release

Version 3.1


New routine

Read about the changes in beta testing


Please give your comments in WinBoard Forum or email me. This document was updated 2005-02-14