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Leo Dijksman hosts my program and you can download the latest version 3.4 from his fine site .


About 3.4 - changes from 3.3

*      This annoying uci-bug is fixed and a few more.

*      Cleaned up the search. Probably a little bit better than v3.3.

Thanks to Patrick Beucler who made many tests and found some more bugs for me!

About 3.3 - changes from 3.2

*      Changed the format for the postbook file - the old one can't be used now

*      Better(?) detecting of "eternal checks"

*      A version of the Botvinnik-Markoff extension

*      Fixed a bug that often made Terra to skip the TB files under UCI

*      In Terra.ini the TBCashe (Misspelled) is changed to TBCache. If "TbCashe" is found it will be changed by Terra to "TBCache" but the old "TBCashe" will still be there without being used

*      Changed a lot of evaluation scores   

*      A new command "Mirror" is implemented. It will mirror the current position between white and black. For testing purposes

*      Various bugs are corrected

Known problems

*      Some reports about strange behaviour under UCI.  I can't reproduce some of them but they are apparenty there. Use WB instead if you encunter problems!

*      Chaotic behaviour by the programmer that first made the sourcecode a complete mess and later on lost the final version. He couldn't even re-create it!

Please give your comments in WinBoard Forum or email me. This document was updated 2004-02-14.