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I have decided to change my test routines. Instead of releasing all beta versions here I will send it to interested beta testers.  My problem is that I don't know in beforehand what will be tested and what information I will get.

From now on I rather would like information from a few beta testers and only publish the release versions. Maybe I will publish one beta version before the release version.

Anyway, my only wish is to know in beforehand what is to be tested and how. As a beta tester you can choose what to test and how to do it or you can take order from me! It can be matches, test suites, ICC games or whatever. Just tell me .
If you cancel the test please tell me and I will have no hard feelings about that.
My point is to know in advance what information I will get from the tests in order to plan my own actions better.

Do these conditions suite you?
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    Please give your comments in WinBoard Forum or email me. This document was updated 2004-08-02.