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The list is growing...

These are the ones I know about. Maybe there are more? Let me know!

  By Wilhelm Hudetz  

A nice one by one of  the masters of engine logos!
    By David Rabel

A gift from David after he helped me to solve some tricky UCI problems. A clean and well balanced logo.
   By David Rabel

Here he comes again! It's a more natural earth this time. David told me that he got good vibes from the name Terra. Ok, this logo gives me good vibes...
  By Thomas Mayer   

The very first one! Created by Thomas almost at the same day that I released the first Terra version.
  By David Dahlem  

Another good one!  Kind of old fashioned style. It reminds me of a Christmas card!
   By David Dahlem

David Dahlem again! Especially for playing UCI. That guy is creative...

Thank you guys!

A lot of other logos can downloaded from   Arena's homepage

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